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      2016年5月, ZB-S系統成功通過廠檢,并獲得消防3C認證證書.
      CEAG Product Training Conference for China Sub-Distributors
      Compatible Emergency Exit Sign Luminaires Got CCCF certifica
      Compatible EL luminaires passed CCCF testing
      ZB-S passed CCCF testing
      CEAG’s Returning China, China Distributor ---- Shanghai SHAN


      CEAG Notlichtsysteme GmbH, located in Soest of Germany, with more than 100 years of company history and experience in the field of emergency lighting, produces dependable and high quality products which are well-known and specified throughout the world.

      SHANGHAI SHANGYONG, China Distributor of CEAG, is a professional supplier of Emergency Lighting, Fire Fighting, Security, and Explosion-Protected Electrical Equipment, and focus on product R&D, product agent and related technical service. SHANGYONG supplies CEAG Emergency Lighting System products, the compatible localized components for CEAG system, and other self-developed products, in order to provide a complete system and more comprehensive cost-effective solutions for China market and clients.

      In enterprise management, team building, talent development, customer service, SHANGYONG adhere to the enterprise idea of "integrity-based, long-term oriented, flexible and efficient, growing together"; on the marketing strategy, we adhere to the sub-distribution system, and seek common development and win-win cooperation with sub-distributors, in order to provide China market the excellent products and excellent service.


      CEAG's Worldwide successful cases: Buri Khalifa Dubai, Buri AI Arab Dubai, Airport Frankfurt, Athens International Airport, Water Cube China, National Museum of China, Bayer’s Shanghai Chemical Base, Berlin Reichstag, The Channel Tunnel, University Groningen, Karaskaki Staduium Athens, Niedersachsen Stadium Hannover, etc.

      Tel: +86-21-51028148
      Fax: +86-21-60853148
      Mob: 13681986840
      E-mail: info@sysafety.cn
      Website: http://www.bqfw.com.cn
      Zip code: 200126
      Addr: Room 103, Building 4, 688 Sanlu Highway, Minhang District, Shanghai 201112, PR China
      Links: 工信部網站 | CEAG | eaton | Shanghai Mozhen | 
      Addr:Room 103, Building 4, 688 Sanlu Highway, Minhang District, Shanghai 201112, PR China  Tel:+86-21-51028148    
      CopyRight ? 2023 Company Name: Shanghai Shangyong Safety Technology Co., Limited  All rights reserved  滬ICP備15058048號
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